Fx Capital Fund

Providing the best opportunity to succeed in the FX Market

Fx Capital Fund wants to help you succeed in the Fx market.

We recognise that there are many hurdles to investing in the forex market and selecting the right money managerFx Capital Fund was formed to support the needs of investors seeking access the best performing managed forex accounts each providing a history of returns for its clients together with a structured risk management strategy.

We use our wealth of knowledgeexperience and relationships to determine some of the best fund managers to utilize in this market.
Our team of expert advisors seeks to understand your needs as an investor and provide access to a group of carefully selected managed forex fund providers each with a successful history of achieving returns andmanaging risk for our clients. Your success is ours!

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Symbol Bid Ask Spread
EURUSD 1.19902 1.19903 0.1
USDJPY 111.641 111.644 0.3
GBPUSD 1.35151 1.35151 0
USDCHF 0.96283 0.96293 1
EURCHF 1.1545 1.15457 0.7
AUDUSD 0.80024 0.80027 0.3
USDCAD 1.22939 1.22948 0.9
NZDUSD 0.73123 0.73125 0.2
EURGBP 0.88715 0.88719 0.4
EURJPY 133.86 133.864 0.4
GBPJPY 150.881 150.89 0.9
AUDJPY 89.34 89.345 0.5
EURSEK 9.5379 9.54114 32.4
XAUUSD 1310.51 1310.87 36
XAGUSD 17.282 17.325 4.3

Fx Capital Fund enables investors to take advantage of the world’s

biggest and fastest market.

As professionals we provide the best opportunity to succeed in the Fx market.

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Managed Forex Accounts

Managed forex accounts are becoming increasingly popular with investors seeking to diversify their portfolios. Particularly, for those who have neither the time or perhaps expertise to trade their own account.

Not all forex managed accounts are equal. That is why Forex Capital Fund only connects investors to money managers that have been evaluated for their successful performance record and demonstrated highly developed risk management strategies whilst maximising returns for investors.

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Our Objective

Our objective is to assist you to navigate through the crowded market place

of forex managed accounts by leveraging our wealth of experience and contacts.

We strive to understand your needs and seek long term relationships

with our clients built on long term money management strategies.

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